About Us

InfiniLogic is one of the leading software solution providers, engaged in providing cost-effective and dedicated solutions to all our clients globally and particularly those in the USA and UK. Founded in early 1996, we have evolved into a major supplier of services in the Information Technology sector.

Most of our tasks are performed at our Software Development Center, employing the latest technologies and processes to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives. We offer our clients services in:

  • Technology consultancy;
  • Systems management and efficient transformation; and
  • On site professional services, whenever and wherever required.

We also provide technology support services to our clients, including the timely servicing of equipment and processes involved to ensure our clients get the highest quality achievable.

Our success stems from our expertise and experience in the relevant field, and our extensive knowledge of business processes and functions; allowing us to produce high standard products and services for our clients.

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