Alliances and Associations

InfiniLogic has a strong network of allied companies, including our group companies, located worldwide and with the best technological know how. We also have formed collaborative partnerships with major solution providers to support our extensive customer base. These include exclusive groups of companies and individuals of software developers, consultants, integrators and distributors who share the quality-oriented vision of InfiniLogic.

We have 6 wholly owned subsidiaries globally, involved in marketing our solutions in their respective countries and providing other value-added services. These companies also have a Memorandum of Understanding with our partner organizations for outsourcing of new projects. Our partnerships ensure client satisfaction and allow us to seek continuous updates on customer requirements, technology. Our subsidiaries are connected with a point-to-point frame relay network, keeping them updated and informed of the progress in our Global Development Center.

Our alliances go well beyond a name on a list. The business team continuously monitors the clients' whole solution needs and tirelessly seeks better ways to partner and provide you with the best content management and business solutions. InfiniLogic values its Technology Partners whose support has played a key role in our success. In addition to representing our products in a resale capacity, alliances also help InfiniLogic and our customers through the integration and co-development of important product advances.


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