What experience does InfiniLogic have in software development?
InfiniLogic is an incorporated body since 1999, focusing on the needs of our clients locally and internationally while expanding globally. Earlier, our clients had been served under the name of our group company InfiniShop.

Why should I choose InfiniLogic?
Here is a bit of what you will find when you work with us. We have:

  • International Experience
    A team of experienced professionals experienced in working with various businesses across the globe.
  • Quality
    Our team leaders are certified system quality auditors with complete knowledge and practice in software development, improvement and maintenance with a number of multinational companies.
  • Clearly defined process execution
    Each process in the overall project is accurately documented for every procedure undertaken. This is in line with the requirements of international standards, producing a well-defined and traceable software development life cycle.
  • Multiple backup points
    InfiniLogic has multiple offices and backbone support points. This allows us to produce as many projects backups, enabling a prompt disaster recovery procedure.

What is the level of fluency in the English language of the personnel, especially of those who will be required to interact with clients?
InfiniLogic employs personnel who have sound presentation skills, more specifically in the English language. This is an imperative element for the selection of individuals in the team.

What is the normal lead-time required by InfiniLogic?
Usually this depends on the nature of the project, although in general circumstances the project is initiated within a two-week period.

What is the general mode of communication adopted by InfiniLogic?
We ensure a constant level of interaction with our clients through acceptable modes. These usually include email, postal service, fax, phone, courier services, and FTP Server access.

How does InfiniLogic monitor and control the workflow of each project?
We utilise professional tracking tools, which assist us in monitoring the progress of each activity and development in the project. The reports are also sent to clients, in implementing our policy to ensure customer interaction.

Is the client informed of the progress?
Yes, a detailed weekly progress report of the project is dispatched regularly to the clients as part of our policy to interact with our clients at all stages of the project. This assists the customers in gauging the quality and timeliness of the work being performed

What is the assurance that projects will be delivered in time?
The assurance of timely delivery of the project is provided in the contract between InfiniLogic and the client, and agreed upon in the Terms and Conditions by both parties. The time duration is projected depending on the type of work and our budgets of similar work performed.

What about the quality of the product, i.e. bug free?
InfiniLogic sets itself high quality standards, which have been laid down in the form of guidelines for the entire organization. Peer review process is always in place to detect flaws or errors at early stages of each process within the project. We also use a Defect Tracking System (DTS) to catch any defects throughout the product life cycle, and the reports are also sent to clients with the delivery of the product.

What about errors found after delivery and installation?
InfiniLogic strictly adheres to its contract with all clients, which clearly states that we will provide after sales service for all products and services and ensure that all updates and necessary amendments are made without delay and as soon as possible.

What sort of infrastructure does InfiniLogic have?
We are equipped with the latest computer systems at our offices worldwide and employ personnel having high levels of experience in working with all systems and provide efficient maintenance work to all clients.

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