Global Development Center (GDC)

We at InfiniLogic believe in bridging the gap between our clients and our team, allowing greater integration of thought and ideas to manifest the highest quality of services required. This involves setting up our GDC at a convenient location near the client base, assisting our professionals and that of the clients to interact and produce a system that matches the exact requirements in the minimum period.

The objectives behind the establishment of the Global Development Center (GDC) are:

  • A project development center situated at the nearest geographical location to the client and supplied with a high quality staff
  • Higher level of interaction between the client and our professionals to ensure compliance of the project and integration of any updates as they are required
  • Complete project management and responsibility
  • Supported by our Application Development Center in Pakistan allowing a 24/7 support, taking advantage of time differences where applicable.

After the establishment of GDC, we have also setup our marketing offices in:

  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Australia and
  • United States of America

We are now looking forward to engage in GDC base client services and subsidiaries in Malaysia and South Africa.

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