How we do it

InfiniLogic is a pre-eminent provider of specialized consulting services to industries undergoing rapid change; providing complete consulting and programming services to our clients, both on-site and while acting as an Global Development Center (GDC). Our services are warranted to provide complete consumer satisfaction, along with a thorough after-sales service package to keep your system updated and continually serving.

We handle all forms of projects that need starting up or upgrading of current systems. Our consultants assist in ensuring that all projects are properly installed in place and providing efficiency enhancement services to our clients. Our workforce is an assembled team of multi-disciplinary individuals, capable of providing clients with an integrated array of high quality services across all competencies.

In addition, InfiniLogic Consulting Services help customers to develop and implement proactive e-Business strategies during the age of the Internet revolution. Our subsidiaries and partner companies in various countries ensure complete customer satisfaction and servicing for all products and services of InfiniLogic.

We provide our software development services and solutions at quite an attractive pricing scale and yet attain the highest level achievable anywhere in the world. This is possible as most of our subsidiaries and allied companies are fully operational globally and keep us updated in all emerging technologies and standards. We assist clients in full or part life cycles of software projects and also personalized service for specific clients on-site and remotely, or both.

Why opt for Global Development Center you ask? See for yourself.

  • A well-knit team of experts
  • Cost effective servicing
  • Quick setup on-site or in nearby location to assist in unexpected circumstances
  • Experienced personnel having knowledge of setting up and managing a project on the site in various countries, and are aware of telecommunication systems and work environment
  • No additional space is required for work at client's location
  • Addition or relocation of personnel according to the requirements of the project
  • Client's can also hire personnel for further or additional work.


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