What We Can Do

At InfiniLogic, we have dedicated ourselves in creating and implementing strategies for our global clients, embracing the best technical solutions for substantive returns .

Windows based systems Microsoft Visual Basic, SQL Server, Foundation Classes
UNIX and Linux SCO-Unix, Sun Solaris, HP-UX
SQL Databases Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server
Communications and Networking TCP/IP, Novell Netware, Windows for Workgroups, Microsoft NT Server and Workstation
Internet applications HTML, JAVA, JAVA Scripting, VB Scripting, ASP, Video Conferencing

InfiniLogic is committed to a standards compliant, open-architecture eService platform designed specifically to integrate with best-of-breed solutions. The trend of modern business varies tremendously from the tradition methodology, making way for converging markets, interconnectivity and globalization, making the future highly unpredictable


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